Thoughts I've had and written down
When you receive A Call To Love, know that you receive a summons. Not a call to arms to do battle against a perceived enemy, but rather
a call to remembrance. A bringing of every thought into the captivity of Christ. A casting down of every high thing that would exalt itself above the Truth that God is all there is, and God is Love...
Thank you
For joining us here at  "A Call To Love"
We give you a Big 'ol heart-felt welcome.
  As you allow us to share with you, we ask you to listen to your own inner intelligence which is able to lead you into all truth.
We trust also that as we share the flow will continue.
  Rather than blaming some god or devil outside oneself for the conditions around us, the author of this  web site is committed to the awakening of the ancient memory inherient in each of us, thus bringing to naught the effects of the lie of separation from God, our source and each other...
             Penny Loewen
Walter is a MUST read for someone just getting into Truth
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A poem
Nothing real can be threatened.
Nothing unreal exists.
Herein lies the peace of God.
Penny Loewen.
A cute little story